At Croydon Back Pain Clinic we have an extensive range non-invasive treatments and equipment to help you back to health.  Treatments are provided by fully qualified physiotherapists, pilates teachers and massage therapists.

As well as highly experienced manual therapy, we are unique in Croydon to have some of the best back pain and sports injury treatments at one dedicated clinic:
  • IDD Therapy Disc Treatment with our SDS SPINA 
  • Largest Equipped Clinical Pilates Suite in Croydon

New Patient Consultation

The full assessment is provided by a qualified physiotherapist.  This will enable our practitioners to identify the causes of your problem, provide initial treatment and give you an appropriate recovery plan. 

IDD Therapy Disc Treatment - 60 minutes
IDD Therapy is an advanced treatment programme for lower back and neck problems, in particular for intervertebral disc-related conditions.  We have an SDS SPINA machine which we use at the heart of the programme to gently decompress and mobilise targeted spinal segments. 


This tends to be for patients with disc problems who need more than what we can achieve with manual therapy alone.  Patients will typically undergo a course of treatments over a number of weeks depending on the nature and severity of their condition.   


The clinic is led by Anthony Padgett, one of the most experienced physiotherapists in the Croydon area.  There are many clichés in back care and you may have heard expressions such as "targeting the cause", core stabilty, exercise rehabilitation.  The reality is physiotherapy can encompass many facets but at Croydon Back Pain Clinic, we dont just give you a sheet of exercise.  

We pride ourselves on working with you to provide you with the treatment and guidance which is both right for you and which works with you in your daiy life.  If you are looking for expert physiotherapy and not just a sheet of exercises, then come and see why thousands of patients have chosen us for their back pain needs.

Clinical Pilates

We have a fully equipped Pilates studio where with careful help from our team, we can guide you through gentle recovery therapy or a more rigourous and challenging exercise session.


Most patients come to us as part of a recovery programme or to help stay in shape to avoid future problems, particularly when we reach that age when we wish our bodies were that little bit younger!

Try an initial session with one of our instructors.  The Pilates we do is not what you will find at your local lesiure centre, so if you are looking for guidance or a complete programme, we are here to help.

Massage Therapy
Our skilled massage therapist provides sports massage or therapeutic massage and you can choose between a 30 minute or 1 hour massage.  Massage can really help back pain where there is muscle spasm or just extreme tightness in the back.  

Back pain can have a number of causes and the hips and legs can all contribute to an overall back pain issue.  Let us help you so you can move more freely.  
If you have any questions, just give us a call and we will be happy to help you. Tel 020 3151 4363
Croydon Back Pain Clinic - specialist back pain clinic in Croydon with a focus on herniated and slipped disc treatment. The clinic is part of  the Back In Shape Clinic