Patient Testimonials

Clinic Director Anthony Padgett and the clinical team have decades of experience providing back care in Croydon.  The Croydon Back Pain Clinic is part of the Back In Shape Clinic.  

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"Having had problems with my back since teenage, I have seen many different healthcare professionals over the years. However, since finding Anthony at Back in Shape I have not considered going anywhere else. Anthony listens to the problem, is professional in his approach and gives balanced and informed advice always. His treatment is effective and tailored exactly to the particular issue causing trouble. I never hesitate to recommend him to friends or family expressing concerns about their musculoskeletal problems. I have been so pleased to find the practice on my doorstep - there's no longer any need to travel long distances for effective treatment." Susan W

"Enjoying (almost!) every moment of pilates with Karen; having discovered via Google somewhere that had been on my doorstep for the past 6 years, it is great to start to feel more flexible again after too many years of pummelling my body with zero conditioning, I am now open and refreshed after my past two Saturday long runs! Long may it continue… Karen S

"My back is so much better thank you and is getting better each day. I am still doing all your exercises and treating my back with care. Last time I saw you, I had pain on my right hand side, but I am pleased to say that it is steadily dissipating and I am extremely confident that it will be gone within the next couple of weeks. Hopefully my back will be fully repaired within the next couple of months as though it never happened. Thank you so much. I wish I had seen you sooner. I will recommend you without hestitation to anyone I hear who has back issues." Stuart

"My mum and I have beendoing regular pilates sessions at Back in Shape with the lovely Beccy. The clinic staff are very friendly and accommodating, it is very well equipped and offers numerous other services. Beccy is very approachable, knowledgably and tailors each session to individual needs. I highly recommend pilates lessons here!" Sheetle S

"The care,expertise,and professionalism, with which Andrew has provided me, has been a great comfort, and I would have no hesitation in recommending with complete confidence, the Back in Shape Podiatry service." PM Blunsden

"I wanted to say thank you for fixing my back in December - it was truly like a miracle - I ran my 10k that week - Kingston - and came 6th out of my group (which was about 100 people!) My time was not too bad - 49.2, but given that I had been out of action for weeks, I was delighted. Thank you so much - I am still using the exercises daily. I have gone from being utterly bedridden to running every day without a single twinge. Please use this as a testimonial if it is any good or if there is a specific format for your testimonials, let me know and I'll edit it accordingly. Thank you (and the lady who does the pilates/ reception) so much." Sandr M

"I’ve recently finished having physio treatment with Anthony and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the care I received. I was referred for physio, by my consultant, following a road traffic accident. I didn’t really think that anything could be done to ease the pain in my arm but thought I’d follow the advice and give physio a try. An assessment was carried out, the treatment started and the improvement has been considerable, in only a few sessions.
The reception staff were welcoming, the care and treatment was professional at all times. I have already recommended ‘Back in Shape’ to my friends and colleagues." Jackie B

"Thank you for your work on my back.  I went from constant pain and sleeping difficulties to pain free in five* weeks. Best money I have spent all year! I have and will continue to recommend you to friends and family, and anyone else for that matter. I am continuing the exercises you have shown me and am now training for the up-coming hockey season." Kieran

"I was given the opportunity to take part in piltates lessons over a period of 2 months. As a person who goes to the gym regular and plays rugby, I thought this was not something that was ideal for me. But thanks to Karen who introduced it to me and told me how much this would help me both in my sport and general health I fell in love with it from day one.

As soon I started these lessons I started noticing an increase in my flexibility and my core strength increase significantly. This helped me in my position as a prop where you are required to have a strong core. After 2 months I felt more flexible and even my lifts in the gym increased.

I would advise anyone to take part in pilates at Back in Shape as Karen was such a great instructor and you feel a lot stronger healthier. All praise goes to Karen for all her hard-work." Chawatama


I write to thank ‘Back in Shape’ for providing a quite unique and quality service that has provided a lasting solution to my leg problems.  The practice is very unusual in that it has physiotherapy and related services at the back of the floor but a new Pilates studio at the front of the building. 

I first went to Back in Shape after I had fractured my left femur and left hip in a walking accident, which left me with a shortened left leg by more than one cm and I needed physiotherapy treatment to relieve muscular pain above the left knee. 

Anthony Padgett treated the muscles extremely  well over a number of weeks but also identified that I needed to rectify the gait difference as well as needing to significantly improve muscle condition.  I had tried this before with another clinic unsuccessfully but the significant difference was that I was allowed as part of my treatment to use Pilates equipment to strengthen the leg. 

This made a huge difference such that I now go to Pilates sessions at Back in Shape every week to improve my posture!

In all, I can highly recommend Back in Shape to provide a high quality, varied and effective solution to posture and physiotherapy difficulties and I would particularly recommend Karen’s Pilates classes to continue development after injury." Tim R

"I signed up for a short course of classes with Back In Shape Clinc to see if Pilates would help improve my rugby training. Not knowing much about Pilates Karen explained the basics behind it and straight away I could see what benifts to rugby there were. The "basic" excersises that Karen made look so easy really showed me how much there was to improve in my core strength and flexibility. After a few more sessions I could notice a real improvement on the rugby field where there are many areas where core strength is important especially scrummaging. Karen's knowledge was incredible and she explained every exercise which really helped me understand what benefits I would achieve. I would recommended Pilates to any person looking for a new way to improve their strength, stability and flexibility in their own sport. " Patrick H

"Over 2 months me and 4 others from Beckenham rugby club were given the opportunity to take part in a series of basic pilates sessions once a week. At first I was a bit sceptical to the thought that pilates would help to improve my game in rugby but Karen (the instructor) was certain, and wanted to prove so.

Within the first session Karen instantly noticed that I had a problem with my hips, and so straight away she was able to give me a number of exercises to improve the flexibility in my hips.with Karen's fantastic and clear explanations on each exercise it was a matter of time before progress was rugby I noticed I was less injury prone, my core strength had improved massively which gave me a huge advantage against the opposition and I felt incredibly light on my feet, in a general sense I felt a lot healthier. I would encourage anyone to take part in pilates at Back in Shape as Karen was such a great instructor and you feel a lot healthier. thanks a lot Karen for everything"  Jake C

"I came to Anthony and the team at Back In Shape a few months ago having injured my knee last year.  I had previously been for treatment in Crystal Palace however they had not been successful in healing me, so having looked up Anthony, I booked an appointment. 

Within a very short space of time my knee was feeling so much better and has since fully recovered, at a cheaper price and a better standard of service than the guys in Crystal Palace!  Anthony runs a very professional and expert team, all of whom are exceptionally friendly and helpful.  They fixed me up very quickly but were also insistent that the overall experience be of the highest quality – I was always offered a cup of tea when I arrived and they often sent me away with bits of their own equipment so that I could continue working on my physio at home. 

A huge thank you to Anthony and everyone at Back In Shape is in order, thanks to them I am now back to full health and ready to undertake the physically demanding challenges I will meet as I go to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the near future to become an officer in the British Army." 

"Pilates, at first, I had no clue on what benefits for rugby, I could gain from it... After my first session I developed an understanding of having a strong core and how this can benefit me during a tackle and breaking the game line!
After my third session I noticed a huge increase in flexibity in my back, as well as my legs, which during training, my legs felt much lighter, sort of, less injury prone?
As I play secound row/back row, having a stronger core made my junping and lifting in line-out much easier, as my balance was better, making me more sturdy in the air.

One of the best things besides the improvement in my game, was the enjoyment of doing Pilates, once a week with Karen! Her knowledge and understanding of the body, allowed her to explain why she was making us do certain pilaties movements!

I've worked in a leisure centre, and karen is far better then any pilaties teacher, that I've seen!
Highly recommend trying a session!" Jack K

"Thanks for the treatment of my Achilles and helping me to get back on track with my training.

I’m pleased to say I completed the Brighton Half Marathon last Sunday in a time of 2 hours 5mins. Not a PB but I’m still pretty happy with that and just pleased that I was able to complete it!" Bex

"I began seeing Anthony Padgett at Back in Shape clinic, Shirley in October 2011.  I had beem suffering chronic pain in my left shoulder for about eighteen months.  As well as  the physiotherapy. he has recommended exercises to do at home.  The pain has receded considerably and I now have increased mobility in my arm. The clinic is calm and and I was put at ease on my first visit." Gillian D

"I have received excellent treatment from Anthony Padgett at the Back in Shape clinic following two serious ankle injuries.  As a golfer, my particular needs were taken into account for my treatment and on both occasions I was able to make a quicker than normal  return to normal life and sport. I was also encouraged to follow exercises at home to aid recovery. I would not hesitate to recommend Anthony and the practice to any new patients." Annie M

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Croydon Back Pain Clinic - specialist back pain clinic in Croydon with a focus on herniated and slipped disc treatment. The clinic is part of  the Back In Shape Clinic