For most people, sciatica is more like 'sciaticaaaaa!'  
Sciatica Treatment in CroydonSciatica is the word used to describe leg pain. 
Like back pain, sciatica is a broad term.  It can be shooting pain like a lightening bolt or a constant dull ache down the leg or buttocks.
Sciatica is commonly associated with disc problems, where a bulging or herniated disc puts pressure on a spinal nerve, or causes chemical irritation to a spinal nerve leading to pain.

There are other causes of sciatica, particularly as we get older – spinal stenosis, disc degeneration or a combination of things.

Helping to alleviate sciatica
Sciatica pain reliefAt Croydon Back Pain Clinic, our goal is to help improve the health of the disc, to take pressure off the nerves and restore movement so that the natural healing mechanisms of the body can operate more efficiently.
For ‘simple sciatica’, manual therapy, stretching exercises and strengthening can alleviate the problem. 
When sciatic pain is the symptom of a chronic disc problem, we generally find that a course of IDD Therapy Disc Treatment is the best way to take pressure off the disc and relieve nerve interference.
If your leg pain is more like sciaaticaaa, then let CBPC help you out of pain. 

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