Neck Pain

It goes without saying, neck pain is literally a pain in the neck! 
Neck Pain Treatment in CroydonThere are a lot of causes of neck pain which undoubtedly aren’t helped by our increasing use of electronic devices.  Strain and pressure on discs in the neck can lead to neck pain and tingling in the arms.
From herniated disc to disc degeneration as well as whiplash, pain restricts movement and puts people on the viscious pain circle of immobility, more pain, further disruption and so on.
Our skilled manual therapists take great care when treating neck pain as patients are naturally quite nervous.  For disc-related neck pain and nerve pain in the arms, we use IDD Therapy Disc Treatment which has featured in the national press. Whilst the headline over simplifies things, for the patient the treatment was life-changing.
Daily Express feature
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We don’t use any cracking techniques, we take a gentle approach aimed at progressively restoring proper function.
When it comes to invasive procedures for the neck, unless there is an urgent need for surgery, we strongly recommend patients explore all non-invasive options first.


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