Herniated Disc

There are many terms used to describe the phenomenon of when the inner core of the spinal or intervertebral disc (nucleus pulposus) presses on to the disc wall, causing it to bulge outwards or even break through the disc wall.

Herniated Disc Treatment in CroydonHerniated disc is more commonly referred to as ‘Slipped disc’ but in medical terms, herniated, bulging or prolapsed disc are used evenly. 

Generally a herniated disc is associated with acute pain The pain can have a number of causes but often we associate the pain with the disc pressing onto the spinal nerves or the chemicals from the disc nucleus which may have leaked from the disc, causing an irritation and inflammation of the spinal nerves.  

The body reacts by sending the back muscles into spasm as a guarding response to prevent further movement and the risk of further injury.
Pain is an excellent way to stop us moving but it doesn’t help when us when we need to get moving again!

Build up to herniated disc

It is vital to remember that whilst a small movement can be all it takes to cause a disc to bulge, the herniated disc injury is often the result of a weakness built up over (a long) time. 
Herniated Disc CausesThe classic story of huge pain being connected with a trivial event is when people say “I leant over to pick up a pencil and BANG!”
Of course sudeen overloading can cause a serious injury but most disc herniations we see at Croydon Back Pain Clinic are the result of long term compression and immobility of the spinal segments.
The good news is, the body will deal with most disc herniations over time, the bad news is, sometimes it can be very difficult for the body to get started.
Here ate the clinic we have manual therapy, pilates and IDD Therapy Disc Treatment to help treat herniated discs.

Whether in the neck or lower back, we have non-invasive programmes to help deal with your pain and the underlying causes.
A word about invasive procesures
Injections – an injection can help alleviate inflammation, but on its own, does nothing to address the causes of compression and immobility in a spinal segment.  Spinal injections provide a window for you to get treatment aimed at the causes of the problem, which is where we come in.
Spinal Surgery – Spinal surgery can be very effective in taking away the pain caused by a herniated disc.  The most common technique is microdiscectomy.
However, again, surgery does nothing to address the underlying causes which led to the problem in the first place. 
There are times when patients need surgery for a herniated disc but a spinal surgeon will always tell you that it is always preferable to exhaust non-invasive treatment options first, because spinal surgery is a serious undertaking.
At Croydon Back Pain Clinic we deal with backs, but our unique strength lies in our herniated disc treatment. 

If you are suffering with a herniated disc in the lower back or neck, come along and see us to find out how we can help you.

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