Back Pain

Simple back pain can develop for a variety of reasons such as age, lifestyle, activity or minor repetitive injury.
Back Pain Treatment in CroydonDue to immediate loss of function, muscles and ligaments compensate to a point when maximum load is reached and pain develops.
Spasm sets in and then we see people caugh tin the trap of a continuous pain cycle.  

Spinal segments require movement to stay healthy and immobility is the Number 1 enemy of a healthy back. 
We are not talking elite athlete mobility, simple movement is the most important thing to help a back stay pain free.
At Croydon Back Pain Clinic, we help patients with back pain, get off the viscious circle of pain and immobility and on to what we call a virtuous circle of good spinal health

We use a variety of manual therapy treatments as well as Pilates, IDD Therapy Disc Treatment and Shockwave treatment to help people out of back pain.

Whilst most back pain will resolve itself, when it becomes persistent, we provide a helping hand to get you out of pain and back to your every day activity.  

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Croydon Back Pain Clinic - specialist back pain clinic in Croydon with a focus on herniated and slipped disc treatment. The clinic is part of  the Back In Shape Clinic