About Us

We are really passionate about backs as you might expect!  But we also treat a range of conditions to help our patients get on with their lives.  

We know how frustrating it can be trying to find someone to help you and we also appreciate that you are putting your trust in us.  We take your care and our responsibility to you very seriously.

Croydon Back Pain Clinic is part of the Back In Shape Clinic where a variety of treatments are provided for joint pain and sports injuries.

The clinical director is Anthony Padgett.  Anthony has a reputation of being one of the best physiotherapists in the area.  Anthony and the clinic team treat people ranging from elite sportsmen and women to everyday people who just want to be able to move more freely without aches and pains and who need help to get on with their lives.  

We are located between Addiscombe and Shirley in a dedicated clinic providing a full range of non-invasive treatments and rehabilitation programmes under one roof.  

If you have any kind of back pain, neck pain or sciatica and are frustrated by a lack of progress, then we are here to help.  Give us a call and we will be happy to assist.

The clinic is next to the BP garage on Shirley Road.  Feel free to pop in next time you stop for petrol!

The Clinic Team

Anthony Padgett
William Herbert

Sports Psychologist
John Beeby

Sports & Remedial Massage Therapists
Kenny Asare
Elaine Cart

Clinical Pilates
Karen Padgett
Jo Hind
Beccy West 
Silvie Salviano

Our beliefs

1/ Non-invasive treatment is the preferred treatment option
2/ Spinal injections and surgery are treatments of last resort
3/ There is no silver bullet which will resolve a long term problem in a couple of treatments
4/ We can help many people get complete pain relief and others partial relief with improved quality of life. There are some people who, unfortunately, we are unable to help.
5/ A patient is not a number, nor are they stupid.  Patients are capable of understanding their condition when someone has the time, or takes the time to explain things in plain English.

Croydon Back Pain Clinic is an IDD Therapy Disc Clinic, one of a network of centres around the UK and part of an international community of over 1,000 clinics.  

For appointments or to ask a question call us on 020 3151 4363


Croydon Back Pain Clinic - specialist back pain clinic in Croydon with a focus on herniated and slipped disc treatment. The clinic is part of  the Back In Shape Clinic